Ablepreneurs: AmyWonderland

We are starting a new series of blog posts called Ablepreneurs. An Ablepreneur is a person who, despite disabilities and challenges, follows their dreams to start their own business and do what they love.

Our first featured Ablepreneur is Amy Ryan.  We had read about her in the September issue of CMTA magazine.  We checked out her Etsy store, called AmyWonderland, and were impressed with her products.  Amy makes handmade hats and hair bows with unique colors and designs, such as lace, hearts, and bones.  She also has a line of ‘Charity Specials’, which are special hats and bows made with the CMTA colors.  Amy donates 10% of all her sales and 50% of her Charity Special sales to CMTA.

The Charcot-Marie Tooth Association is an organization that promotes awareness of CMT as well as actively researches treatments and cures for this cruel disease.  Check them out at: to read about the disease and the organization.

Originally from North California, Amy was diagnosed with CMT at the age of 10.  She uses ankle-foot orthotics and a wheelchair to get around.  She has lost muscle mass in her arms, legs, feet, and hands, which causes her pain and has created respiratory issues.

Since outdoor activities were not her strong suit, Amy turned to indoor activities. She learned from family members who were crafters, and it brightened up her world.  Finding her talent for creating art helped her blossom.  Through the support of her family and her husband, Amy was motivated to share her art with the world.

As her disease progresses, she adjusts her techniques accordingly and finds innovative solutions to create her work. She never allows CMT to stop her from doing what she loves, and doesn’t take it for granted. 

Here at Fuzzy Wuzzy Design, we wish Amy luck with her shop and hope she succeeds in everything she dreams.

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