Humble Beginnings

My name is Christian Markovic.  I am the founder/lead designer of Fuzzy Wuzzy Design.  I started this company about thirteen years.  Today I am legally blind, deaf and mobility impaired.  I've faced many challenges along the way, but all i've endured has made me the man I am today.

I am starting this blog because it is important for me to share with the world what it's like to be a Deaf-Blind designer.  It is also very important for me to convey to anyone who may be struggling, in any capacity, that anything is possible.  There will be:

  • Craft Show reviews
  • An inside look into what it takes for me to create new work

In order to get to know me and understand where Fuzzy Wuzzy comes from.  We must go back.  My journey started as a young boy.  I was born with profound hearing loss and began losing my vision and mobility at the age of 13.  I have always had an interest in art, whether it be drawing, painting or sculpting.   High school is where my love for design work really started to blossom.  I made the decision that despite my disabilities I would work towards earning a degree in a field I truly have a passion for.

In 1994 I was accepted to Savannah College of Arts and Design.  I fell in love with Savannah.  It is beautiful.  I enjoyed riding my bike and sitting outside drinking my cappuccino's.  Here is where I was introduced to Graphic Design.  I was instantly hooked.

With hard work and perseverance I was able to become the first deaf graduate of Savannah College of Arts and Design.  This is an accomplishment I am truly proud of.  It strengthens my opinion that anything is possible.

Fast forward a few years and hundreds of designs later, I was struggling to find a job.  Instead of continuing to struggle I had the idea to start my own business.

First thing I needed was a name.  With my vision getting worse while working on the computer, things were blurry for me.  From this fact Fuzzy Wuzzy was born.

Since 2003 I have owned and operated my own company.  I use a magnyfycing program in order to design on the computer.  I am constantly imagining new designs and remainging creative.  I take part in numerous craft shows in NJ, as well as up and down the East Coast.

I hope in the coming months to re-launch Fuzzy Wuzzy Design, with a more focused and modern approach.  I've brought in a couple people to help me do this.

Teresa Kroemer is on as Studio Manager.  She is a vital part of Fuzzy Wuzzy and leading us into the future.  Jordan Berezin, the newest member of our team, is the Director of Digital Marketing.  We rely on him to guide us through the monster that is digital marketing.

I feel with my current team and my passion for design, we can take this company to another level.  I hope that one day I will be able to inspire people who share my challenges.

I am excited about the prospects of this blog.  I truly look forward to sharing my day to day with the world as well as giving an inside look at the fun we have here at Fuzzy Wuzzy.


Peace - Love - Spirit