Peace - Love - Spirit


Every Business should have a mission statement, something that they live by.   They should also be concerned about playing a part, big or small, in bettering society.

This belief is why I incorporate Peace Love Spirit into almost everything I do.

These three small words not only are my business mission statement but my personal one as well.


Peace is not only a word but also an idea, the idea that people can have inner tranquility and a sense of compassion for others.  When someone is at peace they have no reason to fight, no reason to argue and a clear mind.  This is a message worth spreading.


When I speak of love, I don’t mean in the traditional sense; one person being in love with another.  Love to me is a way of being.  Someone who is giving, caring, respectful and unselfish is a person living with love.  Although you may not always like another person you can still respect them.  For me, living this way helps to create peace in my life.


Having a good spirit will allow for someone to be filled with Peace and Love.  This incorporates health, both mental and physical.  Being strong willed, not giving up when the odds seemed stacked against you.  The most important aspect of spirit is being happy with who you are.  Be an individual and relish in that.  One who constantly wears a mask will never truly know themselves. 

This is the Fuzzy Wuzzy Design mission statement.  It is my goal, through my work, to spread these ideals.  If one person can show another this way to live then slowly we can change the world.