Hope For Those Who Need It

For people that have only gotten to know me over the last few years, I wasn’t always in a wheelchair and vision impaired.  

In the past year my illness has taken my vision and my ability to walk on my own.  This has made it extremely hard for me to create new pieces of visual art.  My grip has weakened, severely.

Am I looking for sympathy, for anyone to feel bad for me?  Not at all…

What I want to convey is that despite all of these situations I have come up against, I choose to face them with a smile and determination.  There’s a quote that I love, “Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful.”

This couldn’t be more true.  There is beauty in every day that I wake up.  Something as small as making a friend laugh or feeling the warmth of the sun reminds me of this.  I choose to continue to create and find new ways of expressing myself artistically.  I’ve taken up sculpting and have already incorporated three of my pieces into Fuzzy Wuzzy Design.  

I could very easily let my illness defeat me, give in and not press on.  I choose not to and I want everyone facing similar situations or any kind of hardships to do the same.  Life is worth living; there is beauty in every day.  Be open minded enough to see it.