Silly Signers 

Silly Signers are animal flashcards designed for all children to learn some basic sign language. They can also be used by teachers to assist deaf children that come to the United States from 3rd world countries who don't know any sign language or their native language. 

The front of the cards have an animal graphic, the gestures, and the actual sign language. The opposite side has the letter, the graphic, and the word spelled in english.

Silly signers key ring sets are offered at $23.50 each.  We offer a less expensive box set at $15.50 while supplies last. 

The UV laminated key ring set is for easy usage and long lasting protection.  The box set does not have a ring and is not UV laminated

All graphics were drawn and designed by deaf-blind artist, Christian Markovic.

We offer discounts for teachers and school programs, please Contact Us for pricing. 

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